A dominant escort can bring you the level of dominance you want, from the tie and tease to something altogether more demanding. It’s all about control, not just about the level of domination. At this high-class escorts agency, Rochdale calls on for all its escort services, we do not have the dominatrix who only functions in her dungeon, but we do have talented escorts who like to walk on the dark side a little, so you have the opportunity to ask your escort to play some interesting games that you won’t get with a GFE escort!

Dom worships orDom slave  – they follow a similar theme.

The client wants to be the submissive element and worshiping his Dominatrix is what he wants more than anything, by giving her his undivided attention. Whatever she demands her whims will be catered for! Instantly! For the client who enjoys this service, it is his only pleasure. He may be allowed to touch Mistress – or not! Beyond this level of domination are the Doms who demand nothing less than the obedience of their slave. Nothing is done without her express permission, he cannot even speak to ask for instructions. As with everything else in this genre, it can be as strict as the client may have originally requested.

Restraint or spanking?

Starting off with tie and tease, restraint can take different forms, handcuffs, Japanese silk ropes or bondage tape can all be used. Limiting movement can be highly stimulating and offers opportunities for the other partner to take advantage. Castigation works both ways too, so either the client or Rochdale escort can give or receive. The use of a whip or a paddle for spanking accentuates the pleasure of the pain created. These are just a few of the games that some clients request, but there are many more sexy games that you can enjoy with a dominant escort!

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